Sep 17, 2014

U-Start envisages a world where talented people can easily and effectively pursue their dreams to become entrepreneurs.
We want to live in a world where financial resources are channeled in the right direction to facilitate the ripening of innovative entrepreneurial ideas and making their fruits grow for the sake of society at large.
U-Start.biz is a unique platform whose goal is tofacilitate entrepreneurs in improving their businesses.

With this goal in mind, U-Start.biz aims at:

  • Being the matchingplatform for entrepreneurs and interested professional investors;
  • Providing a friendly and secure tool for entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas, to helpthem ripen and let interested investors pick them;
  • Bridging the gap of collaboration among universities and the business playground, by giving students attop universities worldwide facilitated access to a broad panel of Angel Investors and Venture Capital funds.

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