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Birzeit University

Sep 17, 2014

Najjad Zeenni Information Technology Center of Excellence
The Najjad Zeenni Information Technology Center of Excellence plays an integral and vital role as part of the educational arena to continuously empower students and community professionals – by crafting IT skills development programs, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting IT innovation and ICT business acceleration.

Services of Birzeit University for entrepreneurs
• Idea generation, conceptualization, and realization. We offer programs and services that assist Palestinian entrepreneurs to establish and operate successful small businesses. We help individuals identify new business opportunities, and once established, help those same businesses reach their vision of success and maintain an enthusiasm and drive.

• Business planning. We support enterprises to develop their overall purpose and priorities and to define the longer-term direction and financial implications for the enterprises to meet their goals

• Matchmaking with investors. We estimate the optimal structure of the enterprise capital and help in identification of internal (within the enterprise) and external sources of financing, with further matchmaking with the most appropriate investors

• Local and international coaching. Local and international coaches may support you in developing your business plan.

• Enterprise structure. We work with our clients to determine the best way to structure the enterprise based on present needs and constraints, with an eye towards fulfilling the mission with an energized, enthusiastic staff

• Administrative, financial and operation systems and procedures. We develop procedures and systems which, fitting the enterprise structure, lead to more efficient and effective performance of the enterprise

• Analysis of the enterprises performance including determination to which degree they have been successful in meeting the intended goals and assessment of the potential sustainability. Assessment concludes in concrete recommendations for achieving better performance along with identifying potential areas of improvement.

• Market research and market strategy: We help in understanding the industry, market, and customers in order to tailor the marketing strategy which generates the mutual benefits for the enterprise and its clients

• Human resources development: We offer training and coaching programs that are well-tuned to the Palestinian environment. Short-term courses and long-term Professional Diploma Programs are offered on on-going basis to potential start-ups and existing entrepreneurs, in SME Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Operations, General Management, and E-business.